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Our Mission....
To bring real accountability to government through citizen involvement in the decision making process

  As a member of the PPP:  
•   You are part of a nation wide movement to enhance our democratic process
•   You can help develop party policy, elect your candidate as well as our federal and provincial councils
•   You recieve up to 75% of your donation back at tax time
•   You recieve a party membership card, local newsletters and our members' magazine
•   You can take part in local political and social events.
  Membership Types  
Sustaining Membership
       A Sustaining Member pays his/her membership using a pre-authorized payment, either with a credit card or through a chequing account. The member can choose the payment frequency, payment periods, and payment amount.
This is the recommended way for a person to join the party because it is both cost and labour-efficient, and the steady revenue allows the Party to make longer-term plans.
A Sustaining Member does not have to renew his/her membership each year. It is done automatically with the pre-authorized payment plan.
Regular Membership
  A Regular Member renews his/her membership with a single payment of the membership fee each year.
  Membership Fees  

The minimum membership fee for a regular member is:
- $20 regular membership includes cost of mail-outs
- Free low income memberships

The minimum amount for a Sustaining Member is $4 per month

  Membership Period  
•    The annual membership contribution is for the period of the calendar year January 1 to December 31 and provides the individual with good standing status from the time of payment until the end of the calendar year.
An individual who is in good standing at the end of the calendar year has until March 31st of the following year to renew their membership during which time they remain as a member in good standing.
Anyone who becomes a new member after October 31 is considered a member in good standing for the following year.
Members who renew their membership after October 31 will be considered in good standing for the following year.
  Membership Payment  

The Ontario PPP Provincial Office can issue receipts only to the individual making the
contribution. The person signing the cheque, money order or pre-authorized payment application must be the member who is to receive the receipt. Tax receipts are transferable between spouses; however, a single receipt cannot be divided, and it must be claimed entirely by one spouse or the other.

Payment can be made by cheque or money order, credit card, or pre-authorized payment from your chequing account.

Cheque or Money Order
       Cheques and money orders should be payable to Ontario Public Participation Party, or Ontario PPP
Pre-authorized Payment
  The person making the pre-authorized payment must be the same person from whose account the pre-authorized payments are to be made.
A sample cheque must accompany the pre-authorized payment application and may either be marked "VOID" or made out for the amount of the first pre-authorized payment contribution, i.e. if the person is going to donate $10 per month the cheque should be made out for $10.
Credit Card Payment
  Please provide credit card number and expiry date.
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