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You are invited to participate in an exercise in
Direct Democracy
  Do you believe politicians do not represent the views or interests of the vast majority of citizens?  

Do you believe citizens are ignored while the corporate agenda is advanced - no matter which party is in power?

  Then take a look at the Public Participation Party of Canada!  
  The P2Party has incorporated the Core Values of Public Participation developped by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) into our charter:
  Canada's Electoral System and Constitution
can accommodate Public Participation
  The Public Participation Initiative does not propose any major changes to our Electoral
system, our Constitution, or our Justice system. The Public Participation process simply seeks to add a new mechanism to allow citizens direct input into the legislative process - and ensure that input must be considered and responded to during the legislative process.
  It's About Time! (and Technology)  
  The Canadian democratic model was developed in Britain in 1688, when the only way to
get an idea to the capitol was through long and arduous travel. Citizens would elect someone to travel by horse and buggy to express their will. A perfectly good system considering the technology at the time.
But since then, powerful interests have taken control of our legislative process and those in most industrialized countries.
Now technology is available to let citizens communicate directly and immediately with our governments. Direct citizen involvement can weaken the control of rich and powerful interests.
  The Swiss and Direct Democracy  
  In Switzerland, Direct Democracy has been in practice for over 100 years.
We have links to more information about the Swiss government system here.
Currently the top two cities in the World in which to live are in Switzerland.

If you would like to help with this initiative, we need contacts in as many ridings as possible to set up riding associations and identify potential candidates.

If you are interested in a copy of our Constituion or helping in your area, contact us at:

Public Participation Party of Canada
P2Party of Canada
PO Box 1067
Barry`s Bay, Ont. K0J 1B0
Email us: p2initiative@p2party.ca  
Telephone 613-756-7829  
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